Krystal Hatfield elected to PVF Roundtable Board of Directors

OK Pipe & Fittings, Inc. CMO, Krystal Hatfield, has been elected to the PVF Roundtable Board of Directors to assist in marketing and media exposure for members. Hatfield was honored to be named a 2020 Women in PHCP Honoree by Plumbing Engineer Magazine and is the first ever PVF Young Professionals Volunteer to advance to the board. Read the full article from PHCPPros here:

OK Pipe’s Krystal Hatfield Joins PVF Roundtable Board

The PVF Roundtable board of directors is pleased to announce Krystal Hatfield as a new board member. She is the chief marketing officer for OK Pipe & Fittings Inc., and was honored to be named a 2020 Women in PHCP Honoree by Plumbing Engineer magazine. Hatfield previously worked eight years as an executive assistant for an oil and gas manufacturer’s rep firm, managing forgings and castings’ marketing. She was named CMO following the expansion of OK Pipe & Fittings in 2018.  

Exceptionally friendly and outgoing, Hatfield works hard to build lasting relationships with professionals both inside and outside the PVF industry. She participates every year in Well Aware’s Shower Strike, a charity organization designed to build wells in developing countries to access fresh water; she also donates to the organization regularly.  

Since leading marketing opportunities for OK Pipe & Fittings, the company has seen significant growth and increases in yearly sales. OK Pipe & Fittings has been a PVF Roundtable member for more than 10 years.  

Hatfield currently volunteers on the Roundtable Marketing and Media Committee and serves on the PVF Young Professionals’ committee as communications lead. 

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